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Zona Living produces contract furniture that is functional, comfortable, and long-lasting, made to have a long life.


Experience, joined with the research of raw materials, makes it an opportunity to create unprecedented and elegant solutions, with an identifying imprint that the company manages to give thanks to the perfect union achieved in the manufacturing stages between new processes and craftsmanship. Skilled hands that make the difference.


Products that allow easy solutions for contract environments of all kinds, from hotels, offices, to cruise ships. Collections made with exclusive technologies and selected materials, complete with every certification, necessary for the type of use.

Zona Living produces furniture that allows easy solutions for contract environments.



The company is settled in the heart of Italy, in Tuscany; a magical and true territory with a millenary culture from which it has been able to draw inspiration. 

Each product is made entirely in Italy, through processes that combine tradition and technological innovation. This that allows for high-level and distinctive furniture, cutting-edge ideas but with coherence.

A journey in the making of furniture and complements that in each phase, from the idea to the prototype to the final creation, exalts the Made in Italy values. The Detail of Uniqueness.


The collaborations set up with Italian and international architects and designers give the crucial push to reach the point of developing furniture with great flexibility of use, up to customizations, objects with special features, and when required, turnkey projects. 

A challenging and dynamic way to empower ideas and common commitment, and to have every day an open confrontation with the needs of interior design, with new rules and industrial evolving processes.



seriousness and reliability

high quality of products and raw materials

comfort and functionality

coherence and efficiency

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