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The company manufactures furniture and accessories for the contract sector, with great competence, from prototyping, high-profile designs, to the complete development of quality furniture collections.


The research and selection of raw materials plays a decisive role in the creation of products, also as a function of maximum cost / performance optimization.


It is the reference partner of exclusive hotels, major international hotel chains, restaurants, offices, shops, theaters, museums, yachts and cruise ships, both for the creation, design and development of furnishings, such as upholstery, seating and furnishing accessories, both for custom projects.


The professionalism, guaranteed in every phase of processing, allows you to manage different activities and interpret any type of design or processing variable requested by the client, to fully satisfy their expectations, in compliance with the assigned budgets.



For the purchasing of furniture and the realization of projects, the company provides solutions that are both diversified and personalized according to the customer's needs.

Riunione di lavoro
Giorno commovente
transport and installation

Upon request, products, furniture or decoration, can be delivered and assembled by our professional staff. 

pre and after-sales service

The company guarantees an efficient pre- and post-sales service, with the utmost care for the clients and their requirements.

Uomo in ufficio
Un'impiegata che fa il controllo qualità
Certifications and warranties

Products are supported by the certifications required for the project type for which they are made. The warranties are given in accordance with the current European standards.

Further requests and information

For any request, and to know our services in detail, fill in and send this simple form. 

We will respond within a maximum of 48 hours.

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