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who we are

The company produces furniture and complements for the contract sector, with great expertise, from prototyping to high-profile processing, to the complete development of top quality furniture collections. 


The research and selection of materials plays a decisive role in the creation of the product, even with regard to maximum cost/performance efficiency.


It is a partner of exclusive hotels, international hotel chains, restaurants, offices, shops, yachts and cruise ships, both for the design and development of furniture, such as upholstery, seating and furnishing elements, and for customized projects.


The company's expertise, guaranteed at each stage of the process, allows it to manage different activities and to perform every type of design or manufacturing variable requested by the client, to meet customer expectations, while respecting the assigned budget.



Our path

ZonaLiving was the natural evolution of an artisan upholstery manufacturing company. It was founded in 1995, with the objective of creating furniture and projects for the contract sector, from hotels to cruise ships.

It has specialized over the years, developing cutting-edge technical and industrial skills, manufacturing in-house and only in Italy whole collections of upholstered furniture, seating and furnishing items, while being flexible in following dedicated and customized projects.

The headquarters, production and development centres are located in Tuscany, in Pistoia, a place of historical and artistic splendour that has positively marked the company's path, from which it still draws inspiration and creativity. 

Following a strategy of growth, to open up to international markets, it has adopted a new corporate structure and new partners, from the contract sector, who guarantee a strong contribution in terms of professional dynamism and competence.


italian essence

Having its headquarters and all its factories in Tuscany has allowed the company to employ top-level professionals from a heritage of truly master craftsmen of which the district is traditionally a forge. They are highly qualified teams that are passionately committed to creating distinctive furniture and interior designs, competitively and always striving for improvement.

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