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Furnishings for public and commercial spaces, as well as hotels, yachts and cruise ships, items that are aesthetically pleasing, durable and highly functional, manufactured in compliance with current standards.




Zona Living creates products that allow easy solutions for interior projects of all types. Collections created following cutting-edge manufacturing processes and made with selected materials, complete with every certification necessary for the type of use.

Zona Living creates products that allow simple solutions for project environments of all kinds. Collections made with the best production processes and selected materials, complete with all the certifications required for the type of use.


The material chosen to upholster a sofa, an armchair, is a decisive element in translating each object into something exclusive. The coverings and finishes of each piece of furniture must be worked out in detail. This is why Zona Living has selected high-performance fabric and eco-leather collections able to transform each object into something special.


Modified products

Specialized teams can adapt the products in the catalogue according to the customer's needs, using materials, fabrics and finishes on request, varying dimensions or other, all following protocols, guaranteeing compliance with regulations and suitability for use with respect to the integration project.

bespoke products

The company can develop and manufacture tailor-made products for any type of project. Dedicated designers, a highly competent technical department and experienced craftsmen dedicated to the care of prototypes and product development enable the company to produce furniture and environments with great precision and quality, for any type of project

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