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bespoke production

The company expresses its capabilities to the utmost in the design and production of customised furniture and accessories, created on customer request, suitable for a variety of contract environments, up to prestigious residential projects.
Objects that are characterised by their innovative lines and structures and projects developed meticulously following each client's needs and providing excellent solutions for any type of request, without losing quality and with the greatest focus on budget and delivery times.

Materials are selected to guarantee both high aesthetic and technical value, and supplied with all certifications, according to the type of use. Materials and technology are chosen, starting with the structure, whether wood, metal, 5-axis or 3D printed, passing through a wide range of upholstery to satisfy all needs in terms of comfort, to the final finishing and upholstery. Wood essences, metal or special alloys, hi-tech fabrics, velvets, leathers and faux leathers.

Conceived together with the designers with whom the company collaborates and in-house technicians, these are products and interior design ideas conceived with the utmost attention to detail, ergonomics, lightness and versatility of both furniture and space organisation.
Zona living, also thanks to innovative techniques combined with controlled craftsmanship, can fully express and fulfil the expectations of its clients.
Moreover, the company's strong point is its attention to the customer, who is followed at each stage up to the end of the work, in accordance with the budget and delivery times.



how we work

Product design and/or architectural project

o First consultation phase
o Project development
o Feasibility and strategy evaluation  
o Development the best solutions in design and cost  
o Review of the parameters and timelines 
o Prototype design and manufacturing.
o Approval of prototype and approval of first production.
o Production 
o Control and Quality and shipment to final destination
o Installation 
o Customer support
o Certification and sustainability


how we are 

In-house production

LThe company performs all stages of design and development in its laboratories, offices and factories, which are located in the district of Pistoia, Italy.
In the last two years the factories have been set up with state-of-the-art equipment in order to guarantee innovative and top-quality work processes.


In-house technical office

A technical office dedicated exclusively to made-to-measure, with senior staff who follow each step of product customisation and project development.
It is from this team that feasibility analyses, product functionality based on design, durability and material selection are drawn up.
Maximum availability and customer support is guaranteed, for the evaluation of budgets, according to the demands and needs highlighted in the project.   

who we work with

international chains of luxury hotels and resorts
shipping companies
railway sector
architecture and interior design studios
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